PLSA LED Showroom

I was recently asked by my General Manager to compose a lighting layout showing 4 (four) indoor applications of LED Luminaires.

I proceeded to construct a:

1) Office/Reception Area,

2) A Patient Wellness Room,

3) A Waiting Lounge and a

4) Cove-lighted Corridor.

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Typical Office Lighting

Typical Office according to CIE Standard requires 500 lux.

CIE Standard for Lighting Offices

CIE Standard for Lighting Offices

But numbers sometime come to clients as vague information that is why even simple rooms had to be rendered in 3D images for layman clients to be able to visually grasp the meaning of 500 lux even before they buy your proposals. That is where we, lighting designers, come into the picture.

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MS14-142_Al-Takhassusi Intersection Roadlighting

ArRiyadh Development Authority (ADA) is going to implement a bridge above the intersection of King Abdulaziz Rd. and King Abdullah Rd., during the coming days. ADA has already completed the design phase for the bridge. The bridge, after complition, is expected to raise the efficiency and smooth flow of traffic at this intersection.

The 800-meter-long bridge will consist of three lanes in each direction. It has been designed in a distinguished architectural manner that takes into account the aesthetic aspects of the road and harmony with the surrounding environment. Movements will be allowed under the bridge in a way that increases the efficiency of the intersection.

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IESNA’s RP-8 Roadway Lighting

I am pleased to inform you that IESNA have released their latest ANSI/IES RP-8-14 Roadway Lighting. I am listed as one of the Advisory Member where I was able to share lighting design techniques and some best practices that we do here in the region for Roadway Lighting application. We have been exchanging ideas on several points for over two years and casting votes regarding topics with disputes and this is now our fruit of labor.

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The Lighting of an Olympian’s Private Horse Stud

I received a request last June 2011 to design a scheme to light up a simple horse stud which will be used for practice and some special nights when the owner has visitors riding with him. Little did I know that the owner of this facility is no other than the first Olympiad who gave Saudi Arabia its first Silver Medal at the Sydney Olympics last 2010 in the equestrian event.


See his Profile here:

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