Why Show your Dialux Works?

For two years now, I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of using Dialux as a software of choice for all my lighting calculation and renderings. So far, I only have good words for this application because of several reasons:

1. Ease of Use. The GUI is easy to follow. Buttons are self-Intuitive and you need not to set several parameters. And did I say that it comes with Dialux Light for quick calculation?

2. Updated to the Latest Standards. Your light planning is now easily set with parameters and values as per International Lighting Standards ranging from EN12464 (Indoor/Room Ambient Conditions) to prCEN/TR 13201-1 (Road Lighting Class).

3. Its a Freeware! Having a Light Planning Software as powerful as this and its free would make anyone want to have a copy. Unbelieveable but true especially when you compare it with other similar programs that you have to buy its license just to get a copy.

4. Not biased to any Lighting Manufacturer. About 10 years ago, the norm would be that each lighting manufacturer would have their own program so you can apply their fixture in your light planning. But Dialux changed that rule. Amazingly, Dialux was able to partner with all known Lighting Manufacturers to come up with their own plugin version of their products to use inside the Dialux environment.

So now, the million dollar question, why show your Dialux Works? I am making this blog because I believe that Dialux Works! I would like to encourage students, lighting practitioners and professional to explore the wonderful features of Dialux. Also I wish to share some of my works done using Dialux. You may also find some helpful tips-&-tricks along the way as well as How-To’s that hopefully will fire up your creative juice and make Dialux your light planning software of choice.

Truly, Dialux Works.

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