MBA Crash Course Training

Course Outline of MBA Crash Course

For 5 Fridays from May 7 to June 4, 2010, I had the pleasure of attending the classes of MBA Crash Course (Batch 5) sponsored by PICPA-Riyadh (Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants) and BBMC (Bagong Bayani Multi-Purpose Cooperative) held at Siteen Palace Hotel, Riyadh.

Our Lecturer, Mr. Ernesto Olita, got his MBA Degree in Sheffield University in UK. His lecture is punctuated by personal anecdote during his MBA days and how his MBA degree brought him to where he is now. Ernie, as he is fondly called, is a Certified Assessment Consultant in one of saudi Arabia’s biggest Holdings company.

Here is my groupmates below:

Rahamtallah Mohd, me, Federico Secretario and Gerry Ayonon

And below is the class picture:

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