How to Send your *.SLD Files to your Dialux Project

If you ever get to recieve an *.sld file and you need to use it for your Dialux project, what will you do?

The steps below will guide you in how to do just that.

1. Please save the *.SLD files to your hard drive.
2. Once inside Dialux program, start a new project then follow the steps below:
3. Go to Luminaire Selection > My Database

4. Once the My Database opens, click on Import

5. Choose “All Files” in Files of Type

6. Find its location and select the saved *.sld files.

7. Click Open. The file will now be included in the database.

8. Select the included file in the Article Number List.

9. Click “Apply”. The file will then be ready to use in the Project.

Or if you want, you can view this slideshow too.

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14 thoughts on “How to Send your *.SLD Files to your Dialux Project

  1. Because you are into outside lighting, I am definitely considering SE Wireless Motion Sensor Light. I noticed it on Amazon . com…appears to be pretty good, but I’m not really sure if that it suits my house design. Hints?


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  3. good stuff. Do you have an RSS feed? And will it be cool if I added your feed to a site of mine? I have a blog which draws content via RSS feeds from a few websites and I would like to include yours, many people don’t mind because I link back and everything but I like to get approval 1st. Anyhow let me know if you could, thanks.


  4. Hi there,

    there is some excellent stuff here. I am having a problem with an ies file that simply doesnt provide anywhere near as much light in dialux and it does in real life. nor what as ies viewer does.

    Is there any way of calibrating dialux fixture files so that it does produce the correct amount of light?

    Also but not as important, can i run a calc for luminaires and windows? (real life type scene)


  5. hello friend’s ❓
    I have a problem And my problem is that i want convert SLD file to LDT file !!???What software do it now؟ And if you did not do it
    Can I convert to another format, and then the two files to be converted ؟ .
    100% of the critical
    Thank you all
    please help me


    • Hi Seyyed,

      Unfortunately, your request to convert an SLD to an IES file is not possible within DIALux software (4.11 or Evo). The only possible way is its reverse, turning an IES file to an SLD file (useful only within DIALux). However if you want, you can order your set of IES files converted by emailing DIAL pople themselves but they will charge you for the output.

      However, a ninja-workaround is, if you need to simply change the Lamp Name, Lumen or Power of any SLD file, you can actually download Philips, OSram & GE “Lamp Plugins” where you can actually attach a new lamp input (lamp name & lumen output) on a particular SLD file. The photometric curve of the SLD file will be retained.

      Finally, if you need to change the part number of your SLD, you can only do it as post-process by editing your PDF printout in any software you are familiar with.

      Hope this helps,
      Mr. Dialux Works


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