6 thoughts on “SLC Dialux Plugin in 3D!

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    • We are going through retesting of most fixtures in the lab for updated photometric data. From my end, I am only limited to doing the plugins half of the day so its really taking a while as I am also doing lighting design to 60% to 70% of the total projects for the whole department. You can imagine now what keeps me busy.

      We actually had a preliminary 3D version since September 2010 but this is not complete. If you install this to your PC, it will overwrite the older yet more comprehensive SLC plugin. You would lose most of your commonly used fixtures from before but you will get some 3D plugins as of latest. If you would like this preliminary 3D version please comment again your email address so I can send you the link.

      BTW, are you really from UK because I found you me messaged from Saudi Arabia? You mean you went out your way just to message me like this?
      The things people do.. tsk. tsk.


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