Render How: Dialux, Raytrace or POV Ray

Having 3 possible ways of rendering a selected view in Dialux is a rare treat which is not common in most 3D visualization softwares.

Here’s a little tripping where I tried all of them.

Which one for you shows a more realistic feel to it?

And before I forget, Dialux is also capable of showing a Daylight effect on your outdoor scenes like this one.

Daylight Effect

8 thoughts on “Render How: Dialux, Raytrace or POV Ray

  1. Thanks Adam.
    hold on to your seat, i didn’t do anything with first, its the 3D output after the calculation.
    Amazing huh?
    Maybe I just got lucky with the texture placing.
    Actually, the 3rd is more accurate in real-life, however.


  2. Dialux no se preocupa por actualizar el POV RAY resulta que existe la version 3.7 con muchas mejoras, pero el dialux sigue pidiendo instalar el 3.6, verdadera reliquia, he enviado un mail a dialux, pero debe ser dificil y muy oneroso crear un parche que resuelva este problema que mejoraria el programa.




    • El POV-Ray es el motor de proceso 3D que DIALux durante sus primeros años. Pero POV-Ray es en realidad un software totalmente diferente añadido en DIALux, ahora recientemente a DIALux creado su propio motor de renderizado y tenía ya mejoró esa es la razón por POV-Ray parece haber dejado de lado.


  3. Hello
    I am using Dialux evo, I am trying to design the light of a garden with walkways and the green areas have circular or curved edges … I can not find any tool in Dialux to draw the layout of the garden and to give height to the garden’s platforms similar to the one you drew in the above picture . Please help. Thanks.


  4. In exterior scene, you can use ground element or Extruded object to create the pave layout in your garden. On both cases you need to assign its height of about 0.15m. AFter the #D pave is built, you can start putting your textures for a more realistic feel.


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