The Use of Inverted Opacity

With the use of TGA files edited in any Photo Editing Software, you can now simulate a Fence Wire Effect in Dialux via POV-Ray.

This is best when simulating nets, perimeter fence or gates.

Simply create an object with your fence dimensions > apply the inverted fence texture > calculate > then later render away.

This effect shall not appear in the post calculation so you have to use Raytrace or POV-ray later.

6 thoughts on “The Use of Inverted Opacity

  1. thank you for the tips and nice site…it’s as if you were the one who knew this all along…be honest on your post…give credit to whom it is due..


  2. You’re very funny. Have you tried clicking on the Facebook icon on top of this page to see that I am the same guy who is posting in as well as in the Dialux Forum? Go deeper in this blog to see some of my credentials.


  3. Hi Mike, In one of your projects, you entered the fence. I would like, if possible, explain step by step how you built the fence in the project. Thank you in advance, your help.


    • Like mentioned above, you need to have a an image, in this case a fence or a net where the background is white. Using Photoshop software, you need to convert the white background as transparent and then finally saving this file in TGA or PNG file formats. Once done, you can now import it in DIALux where you can apply this texture to any object in DIALux. You also need to apply percent transparency of about 70% or 80%. After calculating the scene, you can see this effect by first choosing your best camera view showing the texture, then doing Raytrace Rendering. Voila! You now have your fence/net rendered effect.


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