HCIS. SSD-13. TES-P-119. Have you heard of these standards?

Well these are the documented standards being applied in all SCECO substation projects all through out the kingdom.

If your into industrial lighting, then you might be interested to check out a small collection of my substation area lighting.

If you need any help in following the lighting standards particularly for SCECO related substations, feel free to contact me.

2 thoughts on “Substations

  1. i hope you are fine
    i was wondering if you can give more ideas about these substation
    i am now sentenced to design a lot of saudian substation
    so i will be so glad if you send me the .dlx files
    or attached me by the necessary information
    my email


    • I will be more than glad to help. I am currently an advisory member of IESNA Industrial Lighting and has been circulating a training topic “Industrial Lighting using Dialux” in several companies like Al-Toukhi, Siemens and DAR Engineering. We offer the training to companies.


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