Industrial Lighting Using DIALux

The opening of year 2012 opened a lot of opportunities for me to share my knowledge in Industrial Lighting, its application and how it can be done easily using DIALux.

For about four years now, I have been given the assignment of working on the technical proposals for all Saudi Electricity Company susbstation projects. I remember how most would hesitate handling these projects because of the difficulty of implementing the standards based on TES-P-119.25 (Transmission Engineering Standards). But with patience and perseverance, I was able to make it easy to implement the standards in DIALux that in no time, I was able to teach it in a two day seminar to two major substation contractors, namely, Al-Toukhi and Siemens.

The first day of the training covers Indoor & Emergency Lighting and the second day covers Outdoor & Security Lighting. It was well received that both trainings were attended by Department Heads, Senior & principal Design Electrical Engineers.

Below are some of the comments we received from our satisfied trainees:

“I recommend to have another session similar to this soon.. so our employees can benefit from your coaching.”Engr. Raja Ayyanar, Chief Engineer, Siemens Energy

“The course design was really good with proper practice time in-between the theory. The instructor understands our clients practices and the course was designed to meet our requirements”Engr. Saad Khan, Primary Design Engineer, Siemens Energy

“This gives me the pleasure to thank the management of SLC specially Mr. Hassan, Mr. Adolf & Mr. Michael for arranging this valuable training upon our request.”Kamran Latif, Design Head, Al-Toukhi

“Two days training is not enough..”Sharique Siddiqui, Senior Engineer, Al-Toukhi

Comments Please..

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