Exterior Lighting

A few more exterior lighting.

High Mast Lighting

Substation Lighting

Pumping Stations

High Mast Lighting

7 thoughts on “Exterior Lighting

  1. I badly want to learn exterior lighting. I tried hard upon doing the calculations but the problem that I face is, I am not able to insert a pole light until and unless I insert a “Standard Street”.

    I have a .dxf of a residential area, and I want to do street lighting of it.
    When I click on “Insert Standard Street”, it just inserts a street which isn’t according to my residential area.
    When I copy the Standard street as exterior scene into the my .dxf file, it does insert the road but after that the road lightings that I insert do not have pole attached to it anymore.

    Please help, It will be really helpful if I can have guidance over it please as I am stuck and I cannot seem to find anyone who could help me with it.


    • The good thing about using Street Scene is you can estimate Luminiare, Pole Height & Spacing.
      However, your DXF can only be seen in Street Scene as background and no more. You cannot add objects or calc surfaces in it.
      Once you have established the optimum Pole x Spacing x wattage for your road, you can Export this to an Exterior Scene.
      From there you can rebuild your Exterior modelling of your residential areas placing 3D models, textures and yes, you need to make your own poles for those floating luminaires.


  2. Thank you Mr. Santiago for your kind reply.

    Thats actually what I did too (but just wanted to know the correct answer). Secondly, I cannot find the way of creating poles for my luminaries. Can you please provide any link or guide from where I may get to know the procedure for creating my own poles for the luminaries(or at least similar to the ones, being used in the Street Lighting)?


    • 1. Try to insall Hess & Fagerhult plugins because they also install objects, including poles.
      2. Using Standard objects like vertical and horizontal cylinders, you can actually create Poles according to your exact specification.


  3. Hi…Mike santiago….
    I am also have same doubt who is asking (taimur), can you please be given pdf for whole concept of road lighting copy to exterior scene or suggest any other website …i can’t be understand…so given any example file…sir…


  4. Once you created a satisfactory road lighting scene and you wish to add objects to it like poles, building, etc, you can now export it to an exterior scene.
    1) Right Click the name of street scene then click Export to Exterior Scene
    2) This would have created your initial road scene into another Exterior Scene with a ground element.
    Hope this helps.


    • yeah..thanks for your comments….and another one more question…actually i did what you said same manner…street lighting calculation copied from road light scene to exterior scene…it’s in horizontal manner..but i want vertical manner to all light fixture and street road…is it possible ???


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