Dusk-til-Dawn over a Petrol Station

Petrol Service Station lighting requires several considerations when doing lighting designs.

1. Noticeability. It needs to stand out easily so vehicles can easily see it from a far. It should be bright enough to be noticeable but not too bright to cause them light adaptation problems when going to and from the station itself. Usually a well-lit logo grabs the attention.
2. Contrast. The brightness of the pumping island should be contrasted against its background. Use lower illuminance level for dark surroundings and higher illuminance level on brighter surroundings. However, the level should be enough to give customers a feeling of safety.
3. Glare. It is advisable to use flat glass covers instead of dropped or bowl shaped covered luminaires to minimize direct glare.
4. Nuisance. The best way to annoy neighbors and to distract balance of nature is light pollution. To solve this in this application, it is best to use low wattage light sources but at spread quantity. This will enable the station to still achieve desired brightness level at a very uniform fashion without becoming an unwanted neighbor due to light annoyance.

Low Level Brightness contrasted against a dark background is preferable. Uniformity and Glare free brightness is another consideration.

A well lit signage is very important for it to be noticeable to passing vehicles. A feeling of safety is also another concern so sufficient lighting will be required.

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