SCECO Substation Standards for Outdoor Lighting

Below are some target design parameters that may be useful for you when designing Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) Substations based on Transmission Engineering Standards or TES-P-119.25 rev0.

Entrances requires Eave = 50 lux with Umin-max of 0.17. However when there Guard Posts, an Eave of 300 lux is required during inspections. HPS Street Luminaire of 8m high Pole is commonly used while FL fixtures are used in Guard Posts.

Exterior Building doors are required to use 100W Mercury Vapor lamps in Bulkhead Fittings where the Eave should be 50 lux.

For all exterior lighting, a maintenance factor of 0.7 is used. Aside from that, a minimum of 1 lux is required to be present at any point within the station premises.

Perimeter Fence Lighting are critical as they serve as security precaution. As per SSD-13, Assymetrical Floodlights of 400W HPS lamps are mounted on 3m Pole spaced 10m apart and setback at a maximum 10m away inside the fence. It should be aimed towards the fence.

Station Lighting requires an average illuminance of 30 lux but with Umin-max of 0.33.

5 thoughts on “SCECO Substation Standards for Outdoor Lighting

  1. This blog have some target design parameters. This is useful for those who want to design the Saudi electricity company substations. You really have outstanding articles and reviews. Thanks for giving all this valuable information on this website.


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