DIALux Basic User Training

Outdoor Lighting using DIALux

Contractor & Consultant listens intently to Engr. Michael

I recently conducted a two-day training with two companies in the middle of a job site. We did the training in one of the office bunkers for the project in North of Riyadh for a 300 Beds Hospital complex. I had the pleasure of being invited by Al-Jabreen Contracting Company and Otaishan Consulting Company to give them an overview of the Basics of Lighting and DIALux User Training.

From Lumen Method to DIALux Results to 3D Rendering

It was attended by interns, electrical engineers, head of architectural design and the consultant himself. Initially, they only required DIALux overview but since most of them are not familiar with lighting and its application, I ventured to give them a quick crash course into the Basics of Lighting.

Most of the time these engineers are uninterested in learning software like DIALux as they feel that these are jobs for draftsmen so on the first day, I also took them through a manual calculation exercise using The Lumen Method afterwhich we verified the solution by applying it to DIALux. All of them was pleased to see that the manual calculation and the software do show accuracy in its results. Also the indoor rendering got their attention that the consultant immediately went to his superior to tell what he missed. At the end of first day, the head of the consultant told me that he regret not attending the training and sure would not want to miss the second day training.

Water Reflection as seen in this simple pool rendering for an outdoor exercise

At the second day, I dwelt further in the differentiation of lumens, candelas, lux, candela per square meter, etc as well as some 3D works and rendering in DIALux. All of them were awed at seeing that you can make water reflection look realistic within DIALux.

Souvenir pic with Engr. Hanan of Al-Jabreen

It was a lecture well received and feedback forms returned with excellent comments.

17 thoughts on “DIALux Basic User Training

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  2. I am an Interior designer I just want to know how one should design a surface/room having different lux values .For example, my client told me to set lux at 1000-1200 lux for wall, general area-800-900 lux and sales area 1200-1500 lux for 600sq.ft Area.
    Please Help me with this.


  3. Is dialux only for engineering students?? As i am into led lighting business and want to learn dialux, i am a commerce graduate with MBA in Marketing. and currently pursuing LED LIghting business.


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