Lighting Design as a College Course

Cartoon by Spike Gerrell

Cartoon: Spike Gerrell

Dominic Meyrick made a good point in his article arguing that lighting design needs to be taught in universities and colleges similar to fashion & interior design, or product & textile design courses.

In my personal opinion, I treat lighting design & application compared with other fields or profession like walking into a big city street, then lighting design is just a small alley but once you get inside this alley, it leads you to another bigger city. Lighting combines science and creativity, technical and architectural in a beautiful mix that you can actually see and feel.

Well-planned lighting gives increased accuracy and performance for workers, safety, well-being and sets the right mood for the occasion. The world will be such a boring and unsafe place if there are no good lighting designers.

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7 thoughts on “Lighting Design as a College Course

  1. hi..nice post..actually i’ve been thinking to pursue a master degree in lighting design..but i still confuse, lack of information, like i don’t know what universities i should try to apply? how can i afford the fee? is there any spesific trust fund that can help me? And well..can you give me any advice regarding this matters? i don’t know, may be you can share some information..thanks before..


  2. HI!
    As a an Affiliate of Institution of Lighting Professional, I wish to invite you to view the Educational Programs available in this organization. They actually have two. One Diploma for Exterior Lighting and another for Lighting Education Trust. Both of them can be viewed on this link: Just let me know if you need further assistance.


  3. I was at the recent International Lighting Summit in Mumbai, one of the speakers mentioned a website Click on the Schools link in the titlebar for information on schools providing courses on lighting, its weighted to the US but does have information for certain other countries.


  4. The Professional Lighting & Sound Association ( PLASA ) represents the interests of many lighting designers and manufacturers, several of which are involved in the Architectural lighting market. PLASA is UK orientated, but does represent companies on a European and International level.


  5. With access to over 200 lighting designer lighting brands, Littman Bros Lighting is a leader in the industry. Whether you are looking for Vanity Lighting for the bathroom, Chandeliers , Pendants , Mini Pendants , Island Lighting , Under Cabinet Accent Lights for kitchens, Wall Sconces , Ceiling Fans , Outdoor Lighting , or Landscape Lighting , complete any project with Littman Bros Lighting.


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