Mounting Heights and Bowl Diffusers affect the Maintenance Factor of Road Lighting Luminaires

Did you know that Mounting Heights and Bowl Diffusers affect the Maintenance Factor of Road Lighting Luminaires? In a December 2008 Report done by Mott MacDonald County Surveyors Society, they have found that road lighting fixtures with deep bowl covers accumulate more dirt than flat glass covered luminiares. Also they have found that luminiares lower than 6 meters gets more dirt accumulation than those mounted greater than 7 meters high.

The Report is deemed very important because an incorrect assumption of Maintenance Factor can cause an overdesign in Road Lighting. The Table below shows that if such a road scheme was designed with a MF of 0.80 instead of 0.75, a substantial savings in initial cost, power consumption and maintenance could have been achieved.

The consideration of these factors in your road lighting deisgn will play an important factor in actual site conditions especially for software users where a suggested MF is often used by designers. Nevertheless, this is still being studied by professional bodies until it is ratified as a standard.

You can read the whole document here:

6 thoughts on “Mounting Heights and Bowl Diffusers affect the Maintenance Factor of Road Lighting Luminaires

  1. When designing for under bridge lighting, the preferred location of the luminaires shall be under the soffit of the bridge. The locations and the methods of mounting the support in the concrete structures for the luminaires shall be decided upon with the full consent of the Structures Engineer. Unless decided otherwise, the under-bridge luminaires shall be positioned symmetrically above and along the outer-most edges of the carriageway (i.e. over the road shoulder for ease of maintenance access. The designer shall decide on the location of luminaiers so that it deters vandalism).


  2. Koffer² is an archetypal modern road lighting luminaire which meets the needs of today’s road users and operators. Total cost over lifetime was a key consideration in the development of Koffer². The future-proof luminaire delivers outstanding optical performance, enabling optimum spacing and energy efficiency, and is easy to install and maintain. With its rectangular shape, Koffer² offers an alternative to rounded luminaires. It is available in three sizes – for mounting heights from 3.5 to 12 meters – and with dedicated masts and brackets, making it equally suitable for integration into modern urban environments or more traditional lighting designs. The Koffer² family accommodates CosmoPolis white-light technology and LED-enabled versions. Each Koffer² luminaire is fully recyclable; only the light source and driver have to be recycled separately.


  3. 3.177 Where satisfactory levels of off-street parking are not provided, measures may be required in line with paragraph 3.192 onwards to minimise the risk of problems caused by on-street parking, including providing wider roads.


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