HOW-TO: Swimming Pool Light & Water Effect

How do you simulate a swimming pool light effect in DIALux? Very Easy in 10 Simple Steps.

  1. Create a Room or Exterior Scene.
  2. Create using Extruded Object your pool dimension. In this case, I tried using a vertical cylinder with about 1m height and 3m diameter. Apply your texture. Rename it as 3m.
  3. Create another smaller vertical cylinder, about 2.6m diameter (offset of 0.2m on all sides) and 3m height as well. Its bottom will be placed z=0.15m so that it will be subtracted to the first one. Apply the same or a different texture to the second cylinder. Rename it as 2.6m.
  4. Subtract the objects. As a clue, the object that needs to remain is the one that you should seen in the drop-down option.
  5. Create now a new vertical cylinder 2.6m D x 2.6m H and placed in the same x,y coordinate of the subtracted object but with bottom at z=0.15m. This will serve as your water body.
  6. Modify a water texture to the following: Transpareency as 90% and Mirror Effect as 50%, then apply it to the Water Body object.
  7. Select your underwater luminaire plugin then create a circular arrangement, fitting the luminaires perfectly in the inner diameter of the object and placed at z=2.5m.
  8. Calculate. The result will not show the water effect yet. Also if a scene is not calculated yet, the Raytrace Viewer will not be enabled.
  9. With the calculation render, pick the best camera view/angle that you want to show the pool effect from before doing Raytrace.
  10. Click on the Raytrace Viewer and set Quality to 2/3 of the way and click Calculate Highlights. Click on start.

Enjoy your swimming pool water effects via DIALux Raytrace Viewer!

10 thoughts on “HOW-TO: Swimming Pool Light & Water Effect

  1. Hey mike..
    The works you have done is superb.. and i appreciate the works being shared..
    I got a doubt. with the lighting in swimming pool. When i put the 3rd extrusion, which holds the water, with the luminaires placed in this layer inside the water. they don’t seem to light up.. The extrusion acts like an opaque surface. Can u tell me why this is so ??


  2. Hi Bruce!
    Thanks for the appreciation. The 3rd 3rd extrusion will only be opaque if failed to edit teh transparency of your texture before you apply it on the object,
    Please revisit:
    6. Modify a water texture to the following: Transparency as 90% and Mirror Effect as 50%, then apply it to the Water Body object.


  3. hello, Thanks for the information. I followed the steps one by one, but I’m getting very dark effect after i apply the ray trace. somethign else, light is going beyound hte boundaries of the pool, is this soemthing normal?
    By the way, how can you show the water level i the pool?


  4. The luminaire must be recessed mounted inside (light pointing inwards) on the cylinder which is already hollowed (step 3-4). This will now become your pool body.
    Then, create another cylinder similar to diameter of the earlier subtrahend which will now become your water body.
    Apply water texture with appropriate reflection & transparency (step 6). Calculate it now. Pick the best viewing angle where you may be able to see the inside of the pool.
    Render now and tell me if it worked.
    TIP: To best see the effect on the pool, make sure pool body also has its own texture


  5. tx, it works when pool shapes of are regular (i mena circle or rectangle), but could not get any result when the shape is irregular or extruded one! but anyway, it was very helpful.


  6. Really? Well I havent tried the irregular shapes myself so I will conform that later. But anyway, thanks a lot for visiting my blog. I hope you subscribe and promote the blog to your peers. Cheers!


  7. A cube is created rotated at 15 degrees on the z axis followed by another cube. The behaviour of the replication tab is logical. Instead of going through each field, i will be demostrating to you a practical example of how you can use the replicate tool to create 2 object groups: a simple flat staircase and a spiral staircase.


  8. is it possible to calculate with this pool and seen the false color because when I do this i cannot turn on false color. I wanted to put water on my calculation since water can refract and reduce the output of light.


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