IESNA’s RP-8 Roadway Lighting

I am pleased to inform you that IESNA have released their latest ANSI/IES RP-8-14 Roadway Lighting. I am listed as one of the Advisory Member where I was able to share lighting design techniques and some best practices that we do here in the region for Roadway Lighting application. We have been exchanging ideas on several points for over two years and casting votes regarding topics with disputes and this is now our fruit of labor.

This Guidebook can now be purchased at IES Store for $60 at below link but the real worth is to be included in an international publication of Lighting Standard that will be practiced across North America and beyond. We are the only company represented coming from the GCC region for this important Guidebook.

M. Santiago was listed as one of the co-advisor for the publishing of IESNA's latest RP-8 Roadway Lighting

M. Santiago was listed as one of the co-advisor for the publishing of IESNA’s latest RP-8 Roadway Lighting

I share this achievement to my LAD Team, Marketing and Laboratory Teams for collaborations through the years so we always come up with the best and optimum solutions for all Lighting Design Applications. I also share this to Specifiers, Project Sales & Export Sales Teams because without giving us Roadway Projects, I would not be able to experience and practice the technical know-how I shared to IESNA.

I am looking forward to a better and brighter future for all of us because I believe our company is composed of talented and highly productive people like all of you.

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