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Mr. Dialux Works is..
~ a Licensed Electrical Engineer
~ an Experienced Lighting Designer
~ an Accredited Dialux Trainor

~ Lighting Design Consultation
~ LV to MV Power & Lighting Layout to Load Schedule
~ Speaking Engagements for Various Lighting Application Topics

Contact Details:
Mobile: 00 966 56 262 3490 (Anytime – Calls Only)

Email/FB/YM: michael.santiago@ymail.com


21 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Mr.

    I’m a dialux leaner , i research it for 7 months ago , i like to design lighting , i have some project and share to webdien’s member , you can see it follow links (it doesn’t contain virus) :
    http://webdien.com/d/showthread.php?t=9665 : i share my experience to vietnamese who love lighting design
    http://webdien.com/d/showthread.php?t=10758 : my bedroom
    http://webdien.com/d/showthread.php?t=14056 : the bar
    http://webdien.com/d/showthread.php?t=13101 : a part of my boss’s house
    http://webdien.com/d/showthread.php?t=11911 : my company bar

    but , i have so many questions , i thinks this mail can make friend with you to share experience in lighting design .

    Hope to receive your email
    Thanks & best regards

    Nguyen Viet Long
    Electric Engineer
    Mobile: (84) 907809525
    Email: nguyenvietlong1202@gmail.com


  2. Hi Engr. Nguyen Viet Long,
    Thank you for your interest in my Dialux Works.
    I am pleased to make friends with you online particularly sharing our interests in lighting design.
    Subscribe to my mail so you can get updates about my latest posts.
    Also feel free to post any of your questions here in my blog or send your emails to dialuxworks@facebook.com.
    Best Regards,
    Mr. DialuxWorks


  3. Hi Mr Santiago (sory for my bad english)

    i was just working in a litlle Dialux lighing project when i saw your videos at Youtube.
    i can only respect your works. It’s long and hard job.
    when i compare your works to mine. I’m fell me ridiculous.
    I’m a begginer into the world of lighting. (First job, just 2 month) and i pray to be as skilled as you.

    Best Regards

    M. DOGAN
    Technical Sales in Lighting
    Strasbourg, FRANCE


  4. Don’t feel bad M. Dogan. Everyone started with baby steps. You will later on grow in your experience in DIALux and will later create great projects as well. Just keep on learning.


  5. Mike

    Just came across your blog, really impressed. It’s really good to see sharing of Dialux experience online. Keep up the good work!



  6. Hi Mike

    Just found your blog, some of your works look great. I’ve been using DIALux for 6 years now and wondered if you could help me??

    Do you know if I can show the effects of internal lighting through a glazed wall into an exterior scene? Also do you know how to insert a hill with a steep gradient other than using multiple heights of ground elements?

    Thanks in advance. Sammie


    • Hi Sammie,
      Apologies for the late reply.

      effects of internal lighting through a glazed wall into an exterior scene
      ~ This is is not possible in DLX 4.11, what can it do though is in reverse, light from outside to inside. This is done either using Daylight scene or Creating a Daylight Obstruction [Right-Click Room>Edit Daylight Obstruction]. However, DLX Evo offers very promising possibilities. Not only is that possible, light from room to exterior & vice-versa, DLX people also encourages users to try that!

      insert a hill with a steep gradient other than using multiple heights of ground elements
      ~ DLX 4.11 nor Evo has no capability of creating objects as curve-like as mountains or hills. However, most CAD based programs like 3D Max and Sketchup are able to create terrain-like models. So as soon as you can create thhe terrain you like using a 3rd party modelling SW, try to save it as a *.3ds file that you can easily import in both DLX 4.11 & Evo. A word of caution, try to minimize too many polygons as it may bog down your operation/calculation works.

      Hope this helps! keep in touch.



  7. Hi Michael!

    I am brand new Dialux worker… It is really good to see some of your work, and sharing you experience.
    I hope to be in your level as soon as possible, to share my job and tips, just like you!
    But for while, I will get some tips on you blog!

    Congratulation, you are doing a great work!

    Best regards!!!!



    • Thanks a lot Aislan.
      Posting my works is sort of a hobby.
      I can only do so during my free time of which I haven’t got a lot for a loooong time.
      Hopefully I can get around it and bounce back with more of my DIALux Works.
      And when I get back, it will be a blast!
      Keep Learning!


  8. Hello Mike,

    You have really gone a long way in light designing! I am already a fan of your artistry and recipient of the gems of tips you are sharing in your blog. I came across your page incidentally, as I was looking for an answer from dialux forum users regarding evo 3.3. It failed to install in my laptop because it has detected insufficient graphics card hardware in my system, I am using an intel express 965 chipset with 358 mb. The only solution I can ask from dialux support is to provide me a dialux software download that will work with my current specs. Upgrading is far fetched nor buying a new laptop, bophuhu…




    • Best solution is to download and install earlier version of DIALux EVO. I cannot pinpoint which one but you can start at the earliest version. Doing this means you would loose some of the updates and fixes the latest EVO version offers but at least it will work on your PC.


  9. Hallo Mr. Santigo,

    After 3 years of interior designs (manufacturing sites, office, shops etc) I have been thrown in to the road and crossing lighting. Your interior projects are quite motivating to improve myself too.
    Could you please give me a hint about the road crossings? I suppose they shall be done based on the cad plan of the roads? Straight roads are easy 🙂


  10. Hi Mike..

    Good to see your blogs…
    I am a Lighting Designer working on many projects in india from last 6yrs but unable to work on Dialux Evo. So kindly guide me to learn dialux Evo. Also like to know which all software I am supposed to learn to grow in career.

    Rajbir Singh Yadav


  11. Hello Mike..

    great your work performance…

    i am working in dailux 4.11 and evo from last 2 years, but i unable to create RBG lighting system in a room. i am using RGB, .ies file but, it can not be done.

    so please help me, how to create RGB lighting system.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Chetan Dewangan


    • Hi Chetan,
      The IES file shall only give color according to what it is set to. Example, if its set to 4000K, it will simulate in DIALux in 4000K. However, to really make RGB simulation, you are required to do light scenes and for every light scene to declare the light color.


  12. Hy, pls i veeery urgently need some tutorial on how to use dialux evo for external lighting for compound or car carks for an office complex or hotel. i am a young electrical engineer ;i have my first two projects, i really want to impress the architect and client. plsssss Mike i need this so bad and urgently. thanks


  13. Hy Mike, pls i need some tutorial on how to use dialux evo for compound or park area lighting for an office complex or a hotel. Plss i beg you i desperately and urgently need this to help me with some projects am working on; i really want to impress as they are my first two projects. thank you.


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